Happy 45th Birthday to me!!

I’m now officially closer to age 50 than 40. Gulp. My kids find this hilarious and have repeatedly reminded me of the fact throughout this weekend. 

I’ve always been quite depressed about my birthday. I’m the same at New Year. There is something quite sad about the years ticking by so fast the memories begin to blur. I’m probably one of a handful of my friends that didn’t want to celebrate my 40th in style. I didn’t want to celebrate it at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love – really love – a good knees up. Many of my friends threw amazing parties and I loved every second. But I didn’t want that for myself. I wanted to wrap myself in a duvet and sleep through it. I didn’t quite manage that – but it wasn’t far off! Turning 40 was a massive deal for me. All my life I’d considered 40 as the start of “being old” and I was not happy to join the ranks of the 40 somethings. 

So my 40th birthday came and went and was fairly underwhelming through no fault other than my own. And now I regret not embracing it with both hands. Because as it turns out my forties have been pretty amazing so far. I’ve loved every minute of being a 40 something. I know it sounds corny butI feel like I’ve arrived somewhere I’ve been travelling to for a very long time. The kids are growing fast and needing me less and less (bittersweet), I’m more comfortable in my own skin than I’ve ever been, I’m enjoying my family and friends (a lot) and loving (mostly) my work. Life is good.

So this birthday I’ve celebrated hard with family and friends; meals out, cocktails, shots, dancing, laughing and living! I’ve been thoroughly spoilt and have been made to feel very special. I appreciate every single text message, phone call, card and Facebook message – and every hug, kiss and bottle of wine! 

Who knows what the next 5 years hold. And 50 does sound scarily grown up. But I have 5 more years of 40 something living to do first. And I intend to enjoy every minute. Cheers everyone!


4 thoughts on “Happy 45th Birthday to me!!

  1. How can you call a night in the Red Lion with the Prices, Rachmans and Johns for your 40th underwhelming?!?!?
    Now – 5 years to persuade you to have a big half century bash….
    Love you loads. xx


  2. I absolutely love your openness and your spirit. You make up for the Kelsay side of my family who are a bunch of bricks ! 😀😀
    Love you Mandy my daughter.


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