All About Me!

I’m a 46 yar old, busy mum of two fabulous teenagers. Life is hectic and happy. Well it was!

Right up until January 5th 2017 – the moment I was diagnsed with breast cancer. The day my life, and the lives of those I love most in the world, were changed forever.

This blog started off as a “memory box” – somewhere to document and store all the wonderful things we did as a family, preserved forever for my kids, and eventually my grandkids, to revisit time and time again.

But right now it’s following me through gruelling cancer treatment, and my attention has turned to raising awareness of breast cancer. I thank my lucky stars daily, that on the evning of 20th December 2016, I decided to check my breasts. Now you go check yours – right after reading my “Know your lemons” post – and tell your daughters, mothers, friends, wives and even husbands to do the same. It really could save a life.


2 thoughts on “All About Me!

  1. Hi there what a wonderful blog to read! This part of the world is a truly beautiful place with lovely welcoming people. We have lived in llanfyrnach, just down the road from you, for over 8 years and my wife has spent most of her life in the area. We wonder how you are coping with the new second home tax system? Would you consider renting? Currently we have to leave our rental home with our 4 children ranging from 8 years to 1 month. Our children go to the local primary school in Tegryn. We are quite desperate with just 7 weeks left to find a home nearby and no rentals available within a 10 mile radius! So we thought it would be worth asking. Many thanks
    A local family


  2. Thank you for your comments and reaching out. Unfortunately we are in the middle of some repairs and improvements so we aren’t in a position to be able to rent out. You’re right though – the council tax for 2nd homes is a nightmare so it is something we might consider in the future. I do hope you’re able to find somewhere locally and sorry for not being able to help this time x


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