My name is Mandy…and I’m a wig addict

I’m also a shoe addict. And a bag addict. Just for clarity I’m not talking a Jimmy Choo addiction here – I recognise my boredom threshold is too low to spend a small fortune on shoes that bore me after a few weeks. We are just talking high street purchases – don’t want hubby to have a heart attack at my confession. But my shopping buddies know that shoes, boots, bags and purses are always on the shopping list.

And now I have a new addiction. And I feel I can justify this one. If I add up my average yearly expdenditure on hair care it must amount to…a lot! I actually  haven’t totted it up. I don’t want to know. More importantly I don’t want hubby to know.

So now I am without hair I’m saving shed loads of cash.

Actually that sentence is not too accurate on two points. Firstly I do still have some hair but it’s not really worth having. Ad shaved my head about 3 weeks ago (blog post here if you missed it) and “styled” a grade 3 buzz cut. Since then, as expected, the hair loss has continued. I now have bald patches and am planning to shorten what’s left of it. I don’t think I’m brave enough to have it wet shaved but I’m considering it. As for the rest of my body hair… my nose hair has reduced which means I can never be too far away from a tissue to catch those awful nose drips, and every other patch of hair on my body has thinned – and yes I do mean EVERY patch of hair. I’m thinking that by the end of the 3rd cycle most of body hair will be no more. I’m hoping my eyebrows and eyelashes hang around a bit longer. We’ll see.

The second inaccuracy is that we aren’t actually saving any money as a result of  my new, limited haircare regime. I’m spending it all (and probably a tinsy bit more but don’t tell Ad) on wigs! Don’t get me wrong – given the choice I’d rather be rocking up to the hairdressers every 6 weeks for my colour to be redone. But life changes and wig buying comes under the heading of “Making the most of a crappy situation”.

I was nervous for my first wig fitting. It felt like a massive deal and hairloss wasn’t something I wanted to contemplate. Ever. But bloody cancer changes everything.

My second wig appointment was easier to deal with and this time I went to Wills Wigs in Bromsgrove – mainly because that’s where the NHS sent a £100 contribution towards a new do. I took a friend again because a second opinion is extremely useful. Before I went I had decided to opt for a shorter wig because once my hair starts to regrow I’m going to want to ditch the wigs asap and rock a short style. So it makes sense to get used to shorter hair sooner rather than later.

But I couldn’t resist trying on a longer style too and I quickly realised that I would be buying two! So £250 later I’m walking out with 2 new looks. Thank you to the NHS for picking up an extra £100 on top of that! At the moment, and this is definitely subject to change, wig number 1 is the “every day” (otherwise known as “slightly boring”) wig, wig number 2 feels a bit more glam and has become the “going out” wig and wig number 3 is the “weekend” wig. Although the short style of wig 3 is definitely growing on me quite quickly so who knows how long my categorisation will last!

Wig number 1 – the every day wig
Wig number 2 – the going out wig
Wig number 3 – the weekend wig
But now I’ve got the bug. I love changing my hair as my mood takes me. And I’m also thinking about my next purchase. Maybe red? Something a bit more daring? Blonde?

Short Red?
Long Red?
Maybe blonde?
I think I will have to save my pocket money for a while before buying any more though!!! Or find a sugar daddy 😂😂😂😂

8 thoughts on “My name is Mandy…and I’m a wig addict

  1. You still look as fabulous as ever my gorgeous friend. And for the record me and Millie love the short one!! Keep on kicking ass!! Love you xxx

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  2. I only just read this one Mand. I’ve been saving it for the right mood to come upon me. 😀 I really think number 3 is the best one. It makes you look younger. Hope you are doing as well as it appears. Prayers being said at this end. Tell Ad to reply to my message on whatsapp. Peter Davies PK

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