Pre Surgery Escape

The last 6 months has been crazy. Abbie’s GCSE’s, my treatment schedule and the kids’ social calendars have severely clipped our wings this year. In fact the last time we had a family weekend away was at the end of January which was our “pre-chemo” escape to the Gower. Chemo is now over and surgery is looming so we decided to escape again, this time to Liverpool. 

Why Liverpool? It seams a bit random. And it is. Our main reason for “doing Liverpool” was to visit Anthony Gormly’s Another Place installation on Crosby beach which made it onto our 2017 “50 things” list. 

The Crosby beach installation comprises 100 barnacle encrusted, cast-iron statues spreading across about 3km of beach. They all face out to sea and are identical, naked (apart from the ones that have been dressed by the great British public!), male (yes, willies are proudly displayed) and are modelled on the artists own body. It’s kind of cool and creepy all at the same time. 

We caught a beautiful sunset when we returned that evening. It was also more eerie in the half light and with fewer beachgoers. 

While we were in the vicinity we also checked out Formby National Trust Beach which was stunning, but a bit of a trek to get to – as is usual for NT beaches. Although had we (actually Ad) not parked the car at the first opportunity we would have probably figured out that we could park pretty much on the beach! We also took the scenic route through woodland down to the beach which meant we walked much further than we really had to. That was definitely my fault! 

Liverpool was a surprise. I’m not sure now what I was expecting but I liked it way more than I thought I would. There is something about cities beside the sea which really appeals to me. I loved the vibrancy of Albert Dock – so welcoming. I wasn’t so sure about the funfair on the dock, right opposite the Royal Liver Building. It just doesn’t seem fitting to me. 

No trip to Liverpool is complete without a trip to the Cavern Club. However, lack of time meant we didn’t actually go in and experience it. A walk by had to be enough. Next time…

Those of you that know Ad will be extremely surprised to hear that he tried his hand at a spot of romance this weekend! I know! #shocker. The thing is I was shocked too and there were lots of people around so I perhaps wasn’t as appreciative as I could have been. On our way back to the car, walking through Albert Dock I was presented with a key. And a padlock! 

According to the internet:

 “Love locks are a symbol of everlasting love, a sign of an unbreakable bond and a beautifully significant moment you can share with someone.”

Hmmmm. I really should have read the blurb beforehand. I suspect my “OMG but there are PEOPLE watching! How cringey!” probably wasn’t the reaction Ad was going for. But we just don’t do public displays of affection. Ever! But I pulled myself together a little and we managed to get our lock on there and throw the keys into the Mersey. And walk away. Very quickly! 

So that’s our last bit of family fun until after I’ve recovered from surgery – round 2 of my kickass fight against breast cancer is about to begin.  ❤️

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