Dowles Brook & Knowles Mill (August 2017)

The dog’s howling (Ad has taught her to “speak”. Ideal.)  and she’s being more than a little bit mental. The kids are bickering. Ad is climbing the walls. We HAVE to get out of the house into the fresh air despite the fact that the great British summer weather is doing its usual thing. Sporadic downpours are forecast.

We decided to try to find something to do from our 50 things list – that’s what it’s there for. But that’s way easier said than done at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. Most of the things on our family to-do list are a distance away or would take up at least a whole day and many a whole weekend. So we chose Knowles Mill – a National Trust disused Mill sitting alongside Dowles Brook in the Wyre forest. Perfect. Or it would be without the rain. And the mad dog. And the argumentative kids. But you can’t have everything.

After reading the information board and negotiating with the kids about which route to take (they, of course, wanted to take the shortest, easiest route. So predictable!!!) we set off. We agreed to follow the route Josh chose while secretly deciding to extend it while he wasn’t paying attention.

Me: “Grab your coat, it’s going to rain”

Ab: “Haven’t bought one”

Josh: “Me neither”

Ad “Nor me but I have an umbrella”

That would be the umbrella that fails at life by not actually being waterproof. Perfect. So 10 mins in when the heavens opened I’m smug and dry and they’re drenched. Such is life.

But at least the bickering and fighting stopped.

For 12 seconds

The walk itself was fab. It mostly followed well made up paths with a bit of scrambling around the river bank, (actually we walked alongside a brook not river. So brook bank???? Is that even a thing???) and the added bonus of a disused 19th century flour mill to explore.

The dog enjoyed herself too although stopping her chasing squirrels was tricky!

With other walks to explore at Dowles Brook, we will be back – maybe without the bickering kids and hyped up dog next time! Oh – and with an umbrella that works! ☔️🌧

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