P is for Probationary

Today my baby girl passed her driving test. I guess that means she’s not really my baby girl anymore. She’s her own person, a gorgeous young woman with the world at her feet. And she now has the means of exploring that world independently without having to rely on Mom & Dad Taxis. This is momentous. There are few things in life that are capable of changing life so dramatically. Moving in with your partner is right up there. Having your first child is another. Driving is the first such event.

For the last few months Mom & Dad Taxis has had to put in overtime – taking her to and from her boyfriend’s, work, school, town, parties etc has kept us excessively busy. She works as a waitress – but takes the Friday and Saturday evening shifts which has completely destroyed mine and Ad’s social life!

But today everything changed. Abs passing her driving test feels significant in a way I wasn’t expecting. Yes we get our social life back (which is epic) but bigger than that, it feels like our parental duties are almost done with as far as Abbie is concerned. She needs us less and less as each day passes and she needs us a whole lot less now she can drive!

I know we have to step back and let her use those wings that are so ready to fly – but stepping back is hard. The first time she goes out in the car on her own, P Plates proudly displayed, I’m waiting at the window, checking where she is using Find My Friends. I’m officially a crazy, stalking parent. How did our parents cope? There were no GPS tracking apps when we started driving!

She’ll be fine, I know she will. She’s a careful, competent, sensible driver. I just hope I’ll be fine too. I’ve got way too many grey hairs as it is (thanks chemo!) – I really don’t need any more!!!

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