18 Beautiful Years

Tomorrow my eldest child turns 18. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with emotion for the last few days. I’m trying not to think about what might have been if I hadn’t managed to kick my cancer into touch. But it’s hard. This is another milestone I was scared I’d miss. So I’m allowing myself the odd self-indulgent tear while at the same time being so incredibly happy and excited for my baby girl’s future.

So, Abbie, this blog post is for you – all the things I love about being your mum.


I love that you’re a reflection of me. That we sometimes say the same thing at the same time. Usually when taking the p out of Dad.

I love that I know how you’re feeling just from the look in your eye, your posture, your footsteps.

I love how you still do you very best to curl up on my lap when you’re sad.

I love that you borrow my clothes – even if it is only when you’re desperate.

I love waking you up for school every morning with breakfast in bed. I love that I’m the first person you see when you open your eyes.

I love that you check decisions with me first. You’re an adult with your own ideas about life. But you still care about what mum thinks.

I love that for 18 years you’ve been an extension of my body, my being. Like an arm or a leg. The invisible umbilical cord has held us close.

I love that you’ve grown from a timid, shy child into a beautiful, quietly confident, young lady who sees the world in bright and beautiful colours.

I love that you’re ready to forge your own path in life, but the ties that bind us will forever bring you home.

I love that you laugh at me when I cry at the kids acts on BGT.

I love that your bedroom is a constant tip. A time will come when it won’t be – and that will be when you leave home. I’m in no rush for that to happen. But never forget that home will always be wherever Dad and I are.

I love that you’re forever mine, whatever your age, wherever you live, and whatever you’re doing.

I love that me and dad did THIS together. We made you, we nurtured you and loved you from the very first wonderful minute that you burst into our lives. FYI – we are totally taking all the credit for the amazing human being you are.

The last 18 years have been a joy and a privilege. If we ignore the 4 years of sleepless nights, that is!!!

Happy 18th birthday, Abs 🥂🍾🎂🎁❤️

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