Half Way

10 down 10 to go – radiotherapy zaps that is. So far everything has gone precisely to plan and, other than feeling more tired than usual, I’m not experiencing any side effects. Yet. I’m still expecting some skin issues – redness, soreness, maybe even some breast pain. Severity of these will peak around 10 days after treatment finishes so there’s still plenty of time for a bit of suffering.

But anyway, so far so good. To celebrate the halfway point, our amazing work friends clubbed together to send us away for the weekend. How bloody brilliant is that? In fact everyone at work has been so incrediby supportive throughout the whole of this shitty year. Our Directors have only ever had one answer to anything I’ve asked and that’s been “Whatever you need is fine”. I’ve been able to work when I’ve wanted in a bid to keep life normal, and take time off when I’ve needed to lick my wounds. I’ve been so lucky that I’ve not had to worry about my job while undergoing treatment. It’s been the least of my stresses and has most definitely kept me sane.

I will never forget the first day back in the office following my diagnosis. I was dreading seeing everyone. I could barely hold back the tears and many of them cried with me. And then there was the first day at work wearing a wig. I was nervous, I felt odd and knew I looked different. But the reassurance came in droves as my friends queued up to tell me how fab the wig looked. Each time I returned to work feeling delicate, emotional and rough after another punishing chemo treatment they’d tell me how well I looked and how happy they were to see me. They’ve spoiled me with flowers and gifts throughout the ordeal, constantly reminding me they’re thinking of me. They’ll never understand how much they’ve helped me through this trauma.

For this latest treat they booked Ad and I into the 5 star, St David’s Hotel overlooking Cardiff Bay, one of our favourite places to visit. We rarely spend any time by ourselves so this was such a massive treat.

Don’t get me wrong, family time is the absolute best thing. But we do forget that we need time together as a couple, time to regroup and remind ourselves that we do actually like each other! Obviously this year has been harder than most and it’s been difficult to factor in any time alone. We have shoehorned life into those days between hospital appointments and feeling poorly, trying to spend as much time with the kids as we could. For a while I really thought that time might be something I might not have too much of – and just wanted to squeeze those family memories in. But life is altogether less scary now we know the cancer has gone and I felt very comfortable leaving the kids with grandparents for the weekend.

I shed a few tears when we checked into our suite, the view across the bay was phenomenal and there was a bottle of fizz chilling – another thoughtful touch.

The sun shone for most of the weekend. We ate too much, drank way too much, laughed a lot and cried a little.

Life is good!

A big, inadequate, thank you goes to all our Quattro Pensions friends for being there for us over the last 9 months. Thank you for your generosity, your time and your kindness. Thank you for our very special weekend away, forcing us to take time to breathe. It really was perfect. ❤️

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