Weigh-in Wednesday

I love chocolate. And cake. And biscuits. And curry. And wine…. The list really is endless. I’ve dieted pretty much the whole of my adult life. Like many of you, I’ve battled long and hard to maintain a healthy weight – basically because I am completely weak willed when it comes to eating and drinking.

I’ve tried numerous diets over the years including Weight Watchers, Slimming World, 5:2 and calorie counting. At my heaviest I topped the scales at 12 stone – many, many years ago now. At my lowest, after successfully following the 5:2 plan for a few months about 5 years ago, I got down to a trim 9 stone 4 and felt healthy and happy. I didn’t stay that low for long but maintained at 10 stone long enough for me to feel that 10 stone is “my happy weight”. I then started exercising; running and piloxing helped my fitness massively, toned some of the flabby bits and although my weight slowly crept up to around 10 and a half stone, I still felt good.

And then I was knocked sideways by my breast cancer diagnosis and immediately stopped caring about what the scales said. Worrying about my weight fell away into insignificance. In fact, during the months I was on chemo, I was encouraged to eat anything I could tolerate. There would always be days within my chemotherapy cycle where I barely ate anything so my weight fluctuated massively with as much as a 10 pound difference between the low and high points of the 3 weekly cycle.

Since my treatment finished in October 2017 I’ve been promising myself that I would get back on the healthy eating wagon and start exercising again. It’s now April 2018 and I’ve done nothing except flirt with the idea; the odd run, the odd day of eating slightly cleaner.

But the cold hard truth is that the probability of a breast cancer recurrence will be lower if I maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. Fact. So today, Wednesday 11th April 2018, is the day I stop procrastinating and step away from the donuts. Not tomorrow, not Monday, not next week. Today.

I had a bit of a blow out yesterday; lunch out with work friends and dinner with two of my girlfriends which involved drinking way too much prosecco! So I was dreading getting on the scales this morning. But it had to be done.

So…drum roll please….my starting weight is…..10st 12.2. So that’s 12.2 pounds to lose to get down to my happy weight, and a total of 22 pounds has crept on over the last 5 years. I know this could be worse but the point is if I keep ignoring the creep it WILL be worse.

My first target is to lose 5 pounds. That will take me back down to 10 and a half stone and my clothes won’t feel so tight. I always used to be able to drop the first half a stone easily but as I’ve got older (48 this year! How the hell did that happen????) it’s got harder, being menopausal (thanks chemo!) doesn’t help. But that already sounds like I’m making excuses when pure greed is the real reason I’ve not been losing weight.

So my plan is to go back to calorie counting and maybe throw in the odd 5:2 style fasting day. I also need to start exercising again and given we have a treadmill, exercise bike and multi gym in the garage, I have absolutely no excuses.

So why the blog? Well I blog about anything that’s important to me – and this is. I’m also hoping that writing it down and sharing it with you all, will give me the impetus to actually stick to plan for more than a day. Slap that cake out of my hand if you have to (and I’m sure some of my friends would do exactly that!), encourage me to drink water alongside my wine, remind me that vodka has way fewer calories than the bottle of prosecco I’m about to drink! Let me know what works for you, send me your favourite recipes, tell me how you’re doing, share your weight loss journey with me.

So wish me luck – I’m now going in search of a healthy breakfast!

5 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. The blow out last night was fun – but totally agree with you. At least our next night out is a gin one?!? Lots of luck – I’m trying too (but still wish I’d had chips like you last night – the broccoli just wasn’t the same!!)

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  2. Tough isn’t it. Doesn’t get any easier as you get older. My doctor keeps telling me each annual check up that I am borderline pre-diabetic. I have acquaintances who, as they aged, had to have fingers removed, then hands. Another, toes and then foot and then leg. Still I have trouble keeping the numbers down.
    I am pretty much done with diets at the moment. I have decided my ideal weight is 11 stone (154 lbs). I weigh every day and I am not dieting nor watching what I eat particularly. However there is something inside of me which has put a limit of 10lbs over. If I go over 164 I feel so disgusted with myself that I automatically control myself and it comes back down below. I am waiting to see if my 10 lb “limit” will gradually increase. 🙂

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  3. Maybe August 2022 for me to be a size 12 – but I will wear a tankini anyway, as I’m not going to delay going to the beach until I’m not clinically obese!!! xx


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