The End. Kind of.

So that’s it. 20 sessions of radiotherapy done and dusted. I have a sore boob and I’m knackered (probably more my own doing than the radiotherapy though to be honest!) but I’m otherwise intact.

It certainly wasn’t the ordeal I was expecting it to be. I quite enjoyed the 40 miles of driving every day really – music blaring, singing (badly), time to myself. Once at the hospital the radiotherapy team were super efficient and I was usually in and out in about 20 minutes. The treatment itself is painless but about 3 weeks into it, the skin on my boob started to turn a bit pink. A couple of days later the soreness started. I’ve been diligent with the moisturising but some discomfort was inevitable really. It shouldn’t last too long now – effects continue for about 10 days after the last zapping but then should start to improve.

I was determined that radiotherapy wouldn’t stop me doing anything – and it hasn’t. I’ve worked every day as normal, fitting my working hours around treatment (thanks to my fabulous bosses!). Despite feeling tired I’ve managed to socialise hard – a 40th birthday party, a weekend away in Cardiff, numerous meals and drinks out with family and friends.

With Libby, both of us rocking the “black and sparkly” dress code at Em’s 40th.
Ready for another night out
With Liz ad Sadie before the Phoenix Nights extravaganza (had never watched it before this night!)

I also took part in a charity fashion show! I strutted my stuff on the catwalk, alongside about 30 other women who have fought, or are currently fighting, breast cancer. Together we raised over 3,000 for our local hospital to help others undergoing breast cancer treatment.

With the BBC’s Joanne Malin – compere for the fashion show
Modelling a beautiful dress from Continental Collections, Barnt Green
Incredible ladies

The final radiotherapy session marks the end of intensive cancer treatment. How bloody brilliant is that!!!! It’s not been easy but, with the unwavering support of family and friends, I’ve made it through to the end and I’m in the best position I could have hoped for. I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. Celebrations with my work friends kicked off at lunchtime, lovely gifts were waiting for me at my desk this afternoon.

I’m now off out to spend the evening celebrating with my wonderful family. I don’t think I could have made it thorough without them holding me up, giving me a reason to keep going.

So that’s it. 9 months (almost to the day) since I was diagnosed and it’s over. Well kind of. Because it will never be totally over. Injections continue for another 4 months or so and I will take medication for a very long time. I will forever be looking over my shoulder, fearful of every ache, pain, lump and bump. But I know I will learn to handle that in time. And right now I’m not dwelling on either the past or the future. Today, right here, right now, is all any of us have and we have a duty to make the most of every single second. That’s exactly what I intend to do.

3 thoughts on “The End. Kind of.

  1. Aww Mandy this is fantastic news for you and your family. I am so pleased that you have come through this, you are one hell of a lady. And thank you for sharing this with us all much love always Jackie xXx

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