Girls v Cancer

What a difference a year makes!

A year ago I had no hair. My final chemotherapy had completely knocked me off my feet. I still had surgery and radiotherapy to get through. When I dared look to the future, I could only see a blackness. I was terrified I wouldn’t survive.

A year ago friends and family ran Race For Life for me. I’d planned to be there, to walk at least some of it with them. But cancer and chemotherapy had other ideas and when the day rolled around I was way too ill to even contemplate being there as a spectator let alone a participant. Gutted doesn’t come close to explaining how I felt. There were very few times I let cancer get the better of me – but that was one of them. It still annoys me now. That day, while watching RFL unfold via the photos and messages pinging to my phone, I promised myself that I’d be there in 2018.

Today, 10th June 2018, I made it to Arrow Valley Race For Life with my beautiful family and some fabulous friends.

F*ck you, Cancer!

Look how much hair I’ve got now compared to last year! It may be a bit crap but it totally beats being bald!

Me and one of my besties

I was stupid and left the organising until the last minute by which time many already had plans that meant they couldn’t join me. But those that came along to run, walk or support made the whole event incredibly special for me. Anyway, not only did I complete the hot, muggy 5K course – I actually ran the whole way. A few things kept me going when I wanted to give up and walk. Abbie was a star not letting me stop, geeing me up, reminding me how close I was to running my first non-stop 5K since cancer. Hannah ran with us for the last couple of K and I’m so glad she didn’t stop running otherwise I’d have given up and walked too. My mind also kept returning to this day in 2017 when I was so poorly and I knew I had to carry on running if only to stick two fingers up to cancer!

Some of the 2018 RFL gang

A massive thank you to those of you that took part in RFL 2018, sponsored someone or came along to cheer us on. You are all amazing.

Bring on RFL 2019 – I will be doing the 10k next year and hopefully I won’t be doing it alone!!! ❤️

3 thoughts on “Girls v Cancer

  1. Hello Mandy

    Firstly well done on running your 5K today!

    I had my cancer diagnosis last February so most of last year was spent having treatment (chemo, surgery then radiotherapy). Your posts really helped me through, so thank you.

    Today I completed my local 10K race. I didn’t run all of it but I completed it and that’s what matters.

    We are awesome!

    Wishing you health and happiness Leyla xx



  2. Well done Leyla!

    So lovely to read your comment and what a fabulous achievement. You must be so proud of yourself.
    Treatment is a long and difficult slog and I’m so happy that my blogs helped in some small way – it was what I hoped for every time a wrote.

    You’re right. We are totally awesome! Lots of love 💕


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