Under the Knife – Part 2

I last wrote yesterday morning, just a couple of hours before heading to hospital for a lumpectomy and complete removal of the lymph nodes in my right arm. I’m not too proud to admit I was nervous about the surgery – I hate having general anaesthetics (fortunately only ever had 2 previously) and that feeling of drifting away, losing control. 

But any worries I had were (thankfully) fruitless. In fact the most traumatic part of the day was having to wear surgical pants that looked a bit like this:

After I’d gone to so much trouble to wear matching underwear! And when combined with these beauties I can’t say I was actually looking my best. 

I’d already made a concession and was wearing glasses instead of contact lenses and just to add insult to injury I had to take off my makeup and remove my wig! Not a great look. Fortunately I’d packed a beanie hat so at least I didn’t have to brave the bald. 😊

Surgery went according to plan with no mishaps or curve balls. I was in theatre for a couple of hours but soon back up on Ward 18. As luck would have it I was given a private ensuite room which was a nice surprise and quite handy when just a few minutes after being wheeled back I found myself dashing to the loo to throw up due to the effects of the anaesthetic. Tired but pain free I drifted in and out of a light sleep for the next couple of hours but I was determined to get home so made sure I drank and ate whenever I could. My surgeon came to visit about 5pm and confirmed he was happy to let me go home (yay) and by half 6 I was back with my family – still throwing up but relieved and comfortable. 

Wig back on and ready to go home
So that was yesterday. Today I was up, showered and dressed by 9am and out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine by 10am. I feel great. I’m a little sore but it’s nothing that paracetamol and ibuprofen can’t sort out. So far so bloomin’ good.

Over the course of the yesterday I must have seen a dozen different healthcare professionals – radiographer, student nurses, senior nurses, surgeon, registrar, anaesthetists. Every single one of them was kind, compassionate, professional and friendly. The assistant anaesthetist was also quite hot! Bonus. 😉 

Our NHS takes a lot of stick for one reason or another but to all those people who dedicate their lives to caring for the sick – you are totally awesome. 

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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